Why I Hate Your Teenage Female Protagonist (Knite Writing #1)

Quoting my comment response: “Great rant. Now go read my YA series. (www.returnnovel.com). You’ll have little to worry about little there except dueling narratives, character overload, glossary-free jargon and endless rewrites, but I suppose all ya’ll have to tolerate *some* of my indulgences. . . . Sticking to an otherwise uncritical or conservative reader’s comfort zone is what audiences latch onto and what uncreative or conservative media companies want to produce. What you’re proposing is challenging for a lot of readers. Now, *You*[sic] may want to be challenged, *I* may want to be challenged and most of the readers of our respective blogs want to be challenged, but it’s a much tougher sell to challenge a reader with intricate, well-rounded literature.”